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Yakoana - The Voice of Indigenous Peoples [1997]

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Yakoana - The Voice of Indigenous Peoples [1997]

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This enlightening documentary was filmed at The First World Conference of Indigenous Peoples held in the jungles of Brazil one week prior to the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992. The conference participants chose a Brazilian Indian to represent them. His observations about the wisdom indigenous peoples have to offer the world is juxtaposed with commentary and celebrations by native peoples from every continent.

Tribal leaders from Australia, Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Philippines speak out about their struggle to sustain their rights and their way of life in the face of incredible difficulties. Around the world two tribes per year become extinct. Multinational corporations continue to destroy the forests where they live and their sacred environments. Many nations have concocted clever schemes to make these peoples into minorities through legislation. Others have silenced them by confining them to prison.

Some of the ideas in the 109-point Earth Charter are discussed in this documentary by Anh D. Crutcher, including the right of indigenous peoples to self-determination and to live in harmony with Mother Earth.

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