Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Free Ray mears series

The entire series of World of Survival and Bushcraft for free to watch or download on veoh the only draw back is you have to install their web player if you want to watch the whole episode but it's free so it cant be bad.
I didn't try to download the video before i installed the web player so you may want to try that if your suspicious of installers like this. I use firefox and a video saving plug-in like Video Download Helper, it saves videos 99% of times.
Anyway, i know it's quite an old link but for those who have not seen the series they are worth watching, not very informative or an in-depth how to thing but still a pleasure to watch.
If your a fan of Ray Mears then check out his official fan site but whatever you do dont mention Bear Grylls on the forum

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