Thursday, 12 February 2009

Edible Wild Plants III

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Edible Wild Plants lll NEW! DVD
Field Guide to 150 Useful Wild Herbs and much more!

Duke and Jim Meuninck take you afield identifying, harvesting and cooking
edible wild plants. Learn Native American and pioneer uses as well as
Chinese medicinal uses. Discover how to make healthful herbal teas.
Make "berry delicious desserts". Video identifies poisonous plants and
poisonous look-alikes.
"The Forager's Dozen" one of the two new programs simplifies plant
identification by isolating 12 plants that are found almost anywhere, are
delicious and nutritious. With excellent recipes and insightful tips this one
hour segment is most valuable.
· Discover how to identify and prepare 100 edible wild plants.
· Learn to identify poisonous plants and poisonous look-alikes.
· Uncover Native American, Chinese and Pioneer medicinal uses.
· Step by step recipes on camera, easy to follow.

Cooking Tip: Saute cattail shoots in two tablespoons of Italian
salad dressing. Served on a bed of edible tulip petals,
garnished with edible pansies, chive blossoms, arugala flowers
and shunkiku (Japanese chrysanthemum petals).

1.The Forager's Dozen (2008) - See above
2.Whoops! (2008) - A few recipes
3.Edible Wild Plants (1990) - You may already have this one, it's been on torrent for ages, it's the one that shows you how to cook cattails, anyway, this one is in DVD quality.
4.Trees Shrubs Nuts & Berries (1990) - Identification and cooking tips.

You can buy this DVD HERE for only $9.95 Thats only £7 (not including P&P) for 4 educational movies about wild food - IF YOU LIKE IT BUY IT!

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