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Have a look at BushcraftUK for a great selection of free PDF books
'The 10 Bushcraft Books' by Richard Graves
This document courtesy of David B. Macpherson provides an excellent introduction to the subject of tarp shelters. He provides a wealth of valuable and useful information on their use and construction, covering everything from the most basic immediate action shelter to sophisticated structures.
U.S. Army Field Manual, No. 21-76, Survival
Bowditch -The American Practical Navigator - Free PDF's to aid your navigational skills
Metsä - Forest - Skog - Wald - A DVD about Finland's sustainable forestry: forest resources, their use and management.
FM 55-501 Marine Crewman's Handbook - Some interesting stuff can be found within this.
U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76 - Includes updated versions.
Free books on Nuclear Survival - I know, a little extreme, but you might learn something new.
Wild Food Plants - A site with vids all about wild food

Our Wild Indians - Colonel Richard A. Dodge - I was looking to see if a could find a cheap copy but then found it free in pdf format. This book is quoted in the excellent book 'Nature is your guide' by Harold Gatty (you can find this in the list below). Here's the quote "The old guide Espinosa, from whom I learned the the rudiments of plains craft, told me that when he was a boy-prisoner among the Comanches, and the youngsters wished to go on a raid into a country unknown to them, it was customary for the older men to assemble the boys for instruction a few days before the time fixed for starting.
All being seated in a circle, a bundle of sticks was produced, marked with notches to represent the days. Commencing with the stick with one notch, an old man drew on the ground with his finger, a rude map illustrating the journey of the first day. The rivers, streams, hills, valleys, ravines, hidden water-holes, were all indicated with reference to prominent and carefully described landmarks. When this was thoroughly understood, the stick representing the next day's march was illustrated in the same way, and so on to the end. he further stated that he had known one party of young men and boys , the eldest not over nineteen, none of whom had ever been in Mexico, to start from the main camp on Brady's Creek of Monterey (a distance of over 380 miles as the crow flies), solely by memory of information represented and fixed in their minds by these sticks."

Friday, 17 August 2007

DVD's Of Interested.
Dersu Uzala (You cant go wrong with Akira Kurosawa) (here as well)
Black Robe (Amazon link)
Quest For Fire (Amazon)
Walkabout (Amazon)
Atanarjuat (Amazon)
Kon Tiki (Asda)
Anasazi - Hisatsinom: The Ancient Ones
Metsa - Forest - Skog - Wald
The Great Canadian Wilderness Series:
Across The Great Divide
Land Of Extremes
The Wild Shore
(check ebay for these, i got mine for a quid each)
A few more books but the last for a while.
Bush Tucker Field Guide - Less Hiddins (1741170281)
Campcraft and Wilderness Skills: Essential Skills for Surviving in Remote Terrain and in All Climates - Camping, Cooking, Building Shelters, Using Tools and Much More - Peter G. Drake - (1844762149)
Being Your Own Wilderness Doctor: The Outdoorsman's Emergency Manual - E. Russel Kodet and Bradford Angier (0671785494)
The Complete Wilderness Training Book - Hugh McManners (1564584887)

Sunday, 5 August 2007


Bushcraft, Survival and Primitive Living Skills
Algonquin Birchbark Canoe, The - David Gidmark(0852639406)
Arctic Survival Manual - BMEWS (158963800x)
Australian Bushcraft - M. W. Plate (0701805714)

Australian Bush Survival Skills - Kevin Casey (0958762813)
Axe Book, The - Gransfors Bruks AB
Backcountry Handbook, The - Mother Earth News (0671657917)
Best Of Woodsmoke,
The - A manual of primitive outdoor skills - Richard L. Jamison (0882908049)
Bush Arts - Mors Kochanski (0919433499) (2 Copies)
Bushcraft - An Inspirational Guide to Surviving the Wilderness - Ray Mears (0340792582)

Bushcraft - Outdoor skills and wilderness survival - Mors Kochanski (1551051222)
Bushcraft - The Complete Guide for Bushwalkers, Campers and All Outdoors Enthusiasts - Bill Stoate (0670903108)

Bushcraft - The best selling guide to surviving the wilderness - Ray Mears (0340825162)
Bushcraft Skills And How To Survive In The Wild - Anthonio Akkermans (184476270x)
Bushcraft Survival - Ray Mears (0340834803)
Bush Tucker Map & Guide - Where to find bush tucker and how to identify it - Les Hiddins (0670892017)
Campcraft & Wilderness Skills - Peter Drake (1844762149)

Cloudspotter's Guide, The - gavin Pretor-Pinney (9780340895900)
Collins Guide To Animal Tracks And Signs - A guide to the tracking of all British and European mammals and birds - Preben Bang & Preben Dahlstrom (0002161060)
Combat Survival Course Notes - Paladin Press (08736421200)
Commando Survival Manual,
The - Hugh McManners (0751300837)
Complete Book Of Outdoor Lore - Clyde Ormond (0060714409)
Complete Book Of Outdoor Lore And Woodcraft - Clyde Ormond (0060149620)
Complete Guide To Sharpening, The - Leonard Lee (1561581259)
Complete Outdoor Handbook,
The - All the skills you need to make the most of outdoor life - Raymond Mears (0712648593)
Essential Bushcraft - A handbook of survival skills from around the world - Ray Mears (0340829710)
Essentials Of Map Reading - A.G.F. Elwood M.A. (No ISBN Printed 1942)
Explore Wild Australia with the Bush Tucker Man- Les Hiddins (1741170567)

Knot Book, The - geoffrey Budworth (0716007045)
Knots And Their Uses - Insrtuctions for selecting and tying 50 of the most useful knots - Geoffry Budworth (0753709961)
Mountaincraft & Leardership - Eric Langmuir (1850602956)
Naked Into The Wilderness - Primitive wilderness living survival skills - John & Geri McPherson (
0967877776)(and here)
Outdoor Survival Handbook - Raymond Mears (
Nature Is Your Guide - How to find your way on land and sea - Harold Gatty (
Natures Ways - Lores, Legend, fact and fiction - Ruth Binney (0715324179)
Need To Know? Outdoor Survival - Be prepared with all the best survival techniques - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (0007216653)
No Need To Die - Real techniques of survival - Eddie McGee (
Northern Bushcraft - Mors L. Kochanski (0919433510)
Open Air Scrap Book For Girls And Boys - Malcom Saville (No ISBN Printed 1945)
Participating In Nature - Field guide to primitive living skills - Thomas J. Elpel (1892784122)(and here)
Planning A Wilderness trip In Canada & Alaska - Keith Morton (0921102305)
Primitive Living, Self-Sufficeincy and Survival Skills - A field guide guide to primitive living skills - Thomas J. Elpel (1592282083)(same book)
Primitive Outdoor Skills - More wilderness techniques from woodsmoke journal - Richard L. Jamison (
0882902636)(and here)
SAS Escape, Evasion, & Survival Manual, The - Barry Davies BEM (0747531447)
SAS Personal Survival Handbook, The - Urban survival skills from home security and safety to self defense and first aid - John 'lofty' Wiseman (0006532381)
SAS Survival Handbook, The - How to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (
SAS Survival Handbook (New edition), The - How to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea - John 'Lofty' Wiseman (0007158998)
SAS Survival Handbook, The - Learn the skills of the world's elite forces - Peter Darman (0752521772)
Seashore - Quick guide to identifying plants and animals - Collins GEM (9780007178599)
Stars - The easy guide to identifying constellations - Collins GEM (0007178581)
Survival Handbook - A practical guide to woodcraft and woodlore - Raymond Mears (1856481808)
Survival Handbook,
The - Self Sufficiency for everyone - Michael Allaby (0333187865)
Survival Handbook,
The - Training and techniques for the survivalist - Aitkin & Muston (1850791716)
Survival Training And Techniques - John Muston (0853688117)
Take The Survival Challenge - Jim Aitken (0853689725)
Tracking: A Blueprint For Learning How - Jack Kearney (
Watching Seashore Life - Andrew Cleave (0727820303)
Weather - How to observe and predict the weather - Collins GEM (9780007190225)
Weather Watch - Dick File (1872180124)
Wilderness Survival - Field guide - Tom Brown (0425105725)
Wildwood Wisdom - Ellsworth Jaeger - (0936070129)
Woodlore For Young Sportsmen - Survival in the wild and hints on hunting - H., Mortimer Batten (9781406799019)
Woodsmoke - Collected writtings on ancient living skills - Richard & Linda Jamison (0882906119)
World Of Survival - Ray Mears (000716369x)

SAS Survival Guide - Collins Gem (0007183305)

A Cook On The Wild Side - The Indispensable Guide To Collecting & Cooking Wild Food - Hugh Fearnly-Whittinstall (978075221152)
Cooking on the Wild Side - Albert Tailon/John Cook (1414058772)
Food For Free - Richard Mabey (9780007247684)
Food For Free - Richard Mabey (0002201593)
Food For Free - A fantastic feast of plants and folklore - Collins GEM (0007183038)
Food For Free - A guide To The Edible Wild Plants Of Britain (1st Ed) - Richard Mabey (0006334709)
The Backpackers Cookbook - A Practical Guide To Dining Out - Dave Coustick (1897784384)
The Poachers Handbook - Ian Niall (No ISBN Printed:1950)
The River Cottage Cookbook - Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall (0002202042)
The Wild Food Year Book - Country Kitchen (1873098847)
Trail Food - Drying & Cooking Food For Backpackers And Paddlers - Alan S. Kesselheim (0070344361)
Wild Food - A Unique Photographic Guide To Finding, Cooking And Eating Wild Plants, Mushrooms And Seaweeds - Roger Phillips - (0330280694)

Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe - Roger Phillips (0330264419)
The Mushroom identifier - David Pegler & Brian Spooner (1850763615)

A Dictionary Of Plant Lore - Roy Vickery (0198661835)
Botany in a Day - The Patterns Method of Plant Identification - Thomas J. Elpel (1892784157)
DK Pocket Encyclopedia Of Herbs - Lesley Bremness (0863184367)
Field And Woodland Plants - W. S. Furneaux (No ISBN Printed:1911)

The Hamlyn guide to Edible and Medicinal Plants of Northern Europe - Edmund Launert (0600372162) (2 Copies)
Plants With a Purpose - Richard Mabey - (0006355552)
Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe - David Sutton (1856971554)

A photographic guide to tress of Britain and Europe - Paul Sterry (1845170393)
Collins Tree Guide - Owen Johnson(0007207719)
Field guide to the trees and shrubs of Britain - readers Digest (0276425073)
Trees in Britain, Europe & north America - Roger Phillips (0330254804)
Trees - Colins Gem (0007183062)

Building A Low Impact Roundhouse - Tony Wrench (1856230198)
The Complete Yurt handbook - Paul King (1899233083)
The House That Jack Built - Yurts, tipi's and benders - David Pearson (1856751422)
The Indian Tipi - It's history, construction and use - Reginald & Gladys Laubin (0806122366)

17 Mors Kochanski's Pocket Books
UK Special Forces Selection: Pre-aptitude training manual (Given by a friend who's in the TA SAS)
Bushcraft No8 - Snares and Traps - Richard graves (Found on ebay - reprint)
Hand Drill Fire By friction - Primal Creations
Sea Survival - Practical course notes - Royal Yachting Association
Secrets Of The Fire Drill: Notch construction - Rob Chatburn

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Bushcraft & Survival DVD's

My library so far. (Where it says VHS & DVD the dvd is self made, converted from vhs, none of the vhs tapes are available on dvd as far as i'm aware)

Alone in the Wilderness

Bush Tucker Man
From Arnhem Land to the Kimberley Ranges
From the Rainforests to Cape Town
8 Classic Stories of survival with Les Hiddins

Basic Bushcraft & Survival

Backpacking made easy (VHS & DVD)

Guide to camping (VHS & DVD)

Hoods Woods
The Woodsmaster series:
1 Spark Based Fire starting
2 Survival Shelter & Priorities
3 Survival Kits
4 Navigation & Travel
5 Traps & Trapping
6 Primitive Weapons
7 Jungle Living Skills
8 Tracking
9 Primitive Knife Making
10 Survival Camping
11 Solo Survival
12 Vehicle Survival
13 Desert Survival
14 Crafts For The Field
15 Sticks, Stoves and Stitches
16 Buffalo Butchers 1
17 Buffalo Butchers 2
Volume 1 - The Home
Volume 2 - Away From Home
Cave Cooking
1 In The Woods
2 Going Dutch
3 Frocks, Fat And Food
4 Messin' With Meat

John 'Lofty' Wiseman
Outdoor Survival - SAS Survival Techniques (VHS & DVD)

Military Wilderness Survival

Naked Into The Wilderness Series
Construct The Asiatic Composite Bow
The Primitive Bow & Arrow
Deer From The Field
Primitive Fire & Cordage
Brain Tan Buckskin
Breakin' Rock 1
Breakin' Rock 2
Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters
Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied

Ray Mears
World Of Survival Series 1,2 (Self Made DVD)
Extreme Survival Series 1,2,3
Bushcraft Survival Series 1,2
Country Tracks (Self made DVD)
Eco Sleep System
Real Heroes Of The Telemark (Self made DVD)
Trips Money Cant Buy (Self Made DVD)

The Alaska Wilderness Adventure (VHS & DVD)

Survive & Thrive - 50 Outdoor Skills

Rediscovering The Old Ways
Fire Vol1
Fire Vol2

Remote & Wild - Alone In Northern Kimberley

Thomas J. Elpel
The Art Of Nothing Series
Volume1 Three Days At The River
Volume2 Mountain Meadows
Volume3 Mountain Lakes
Volume4 Canoe Camping

Mors Kochanski
Wilderness Living Skills Series
Clothing And Sleeping Bags
Bush Knots
Blades: Sharpening And Safe Use
Sticks As Tools And Implements

SFAT - Getting Back To Civilization

Off The grid