Saturday, 4 August 2007

Bushcraft & Survival DVD's

My library so far. (Where it says VHS & DVD the dvd is self made, converted from vhs, none of the vhs tapes are available on dvd as far as i'm aware)

Alone in the Wilderness

Bush Tucker Man
From Arnhem Land to the Kimberley Ranges
From the Rainforests to Cape Town
8 Classic Stories of survival with Les Hiddins

Basic Bushcraft & Survival

Backpacking made easy (VHS & DVD)

Guide to camping (VHS & DVD)

Hoods Woods
The Woodsmaster series:
1 Spark Based Fire starting
2 Survival Shelter & Priorities
3 Survival Kits
4 Navigation & Travel
5 Traps & Trapping
6 Primitive Weapons
7 Jungle Living Skills
8 Tracking
9 Primitive Knife Making
10 Survival Camping
11 Solo Survival
12 Vehicle Survival
13 Desert Survival
14 Crafts For The Field
15 Sticks, Stoves and Stitches
16 Buffalo Butchers 1
17 Buffalo Butchers 2
Volume 1 - The Home
Volume 2 - Away From Home
Cave Cooking
1 In The Woods
2 Going Dutch
3 Frocks, Fat And Food
4 Messin' With Meat

John 'Lofty' Wiseman
Outdoor Survival - SAS Survival Techniques (VHS & DVD)

Military Wilderness Survival

Naked Into The Wilderness Series
Construct The Asiatic Composite Bow
The Primitive Bow & Arrow
Deer From The Field
Primitive Fire & Cordage
Brain Tan Buckskin
Breakin' Rock 1
Breakin' Rock 2
Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters
Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied

Ray Mears
World Of Survival Series 1,2 (Self Made DVD)
Extreme Survival Series 1,2,3
Bushcraft Survival Series 1,2
Country Tracks (Self made DVD)
Eco Sleep System
Real Heroes Of The Telemark (Self made DVD)
Trips Money Cant Buy (Self Made DVD)

The Alaska Wilderness Adventure (VHS & DVD)

Survive & Thrive - 50 Outdoor Skills

Rediscovering The Old Ways
Fire Vol1
Fire Vol2

Remote & Wild - Alone In Northern Kimberley

Thomas J. Elpel
The Art Of Nothing Series
Volume1 Three Days At The River
Volume2 Mountain Meadows
Volume3 Mountain Lakes
Volume4 Canoe Camping

Mors Kochanski
Wilderness Living Skills Series
Clothing And Sleeping Bags
Bush Knots
Blades: Sharpening And Safe Use
Sticks As Tools And Implements

SFAT - Getting Back To Civilization

Off The grid

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Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post a torrent of the Mors Kochanski DVD's? I have his book - he is a little hard to follow in it sometimes. Would like to see how well his videos are.