Thursday, 12 February 2009

Buckshot Wilderness Survivor DVD's

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Here's a collection of Buckshot's DVDs

Wilderness Survivor Volume 5 DVD 3.45GB
+Hunting & Trapping In The Fall: A 4 Day Survival Trip.
+How to use a come-a-long to get unstuck.
+What provides the most food trapping or hunting ?
+How to clean Ruffed Grouse and Beaver in the Field.
+How to make a Water-Proof Shelter using a tarp.
+How to build a Reflector for your fire with a special guest that was taught by the US Army Survival Training Course.
+Winter clothes, most reliable lantern and much more.
Approximately 1 Hour 44 Minutes

Wilderness Survivor Volume 6 DVD 3.39GB
Buckshot spends the night out in the wilderness. He makes a camp in the snow. He shows how to start a fire in the snow. How to trap & snare food in the winter and much, much more.
This Survivor Video shows how to survive in the Winter. Here are some of the things covered in this video.

+How To Trap & Snare Food In Winter
+How To Start A Fire In The Snow
+How To Survive If You Are Stuck In The Woods All Night
Approximately 1 Hour 44 Minutes

Wilderness Survivor Volume 7 DVD
If a terrorist attack happened in your area what would you do? In Survivor 7 you will see a made up scenario of a terrorist attack and what to do in the first few hours.
+How to deploy the large and small gill net.
+How to take care of your gill nets after using them.
+Learn how to cut up bass so they cook up finger licking good.
+Make a homemade sun food drier that has a dual use.
+A great kerosene lantern that give off as much light as a 60 watt light bulb and much more
Approximately 1 Hour 45 Minutes


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