Tuesday, 17 February 2009

How The West Was Lost

Demonoid Torrent

Some guy has kindly transferred his collection of this series from VHS onto his PC to share, i downloaded out of interest. Its about different native Indian tribes and their side of the story of how the lost their homeland to the Americans.
The sound is slightly out of sync on the first one but not unwatchable. This isn't a feel good series as you might expect but interesting to watch (and sad too).
I think this was first shown on Discovery in the early 90's but it's hard to find any info on this series, Amazon.com market place has a few of the VHS tapes for some of the episodes and the sound track but it's not on DVD

01 Navajo - A Clash Of Cultures.avi 479.89 MB
02 Cheyenne - The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian.avi 480.92 MB
03 Seminole - The Unconquered.avi 473.36 MB
04 Nez Perce - I Will Fight No More Forever.avi 481.54 MB
05 Apache - Always The Enemy.avi 481.46 MB
06 Iroquois - Divide We Fall.avi 481.43 MB
07 Cherokee - The Trail Of Tears.avi 478.58 MB
08 Lakota - A Good Day To Die.avi 481.17 MB
09 Lakota - Kill The Indian, Save The Man.avi 782.81 MB
10 Dakota - Let Them Eat Grass.avi 479.93 MB
11 Modoc - Death Will Come Soon Enough.avi 481.54 MB
12 Ute - The Utes Must Go.avi 481.43 MB
13 Five Tribes - As Long As The Grass Shall Grow.avi 481.56 MB

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