Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rare John 'Lofty' Wiseman Video Recoded

Demonoid Torrent

I posted a link to the rare video HERE but that was a 4.02GB file so some guy has recoded the video to a 600Mb avi file.

This is an AVI (done with xVid codec) of a torrent uploaded here as a PAL DVD

The original file was a video_TS folder about 4 gigs in size and not playable on most American DVD players

The avi rip is just over 600 megs and converted to NTSC.

Many thanks to the original uploader

The original description reads:

"Survival techniques demonstrated by an expert with a 26 year career in the SAS,as a soldier and Survival Instructor.His books are considered a must have for everyone interested in this matter and are quite respected for no nonsense content and instructional value. The image quality is not the best since it was taken from vhs and is a bit old."


Walter White said...

link dead, Can you upload new link? please

Nomad Of Soul said...

I have it still email me and i send you the link for both tapes