Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Eat the weeds videos

Demonid has a torrent of most but not all of the Eat The Weeds videos as found on youtube. You cand save the youtube vids yourself (.flv format) or download these which are in th avi format (more compatible with mobile video players).

Green Deane from shows how to find, harvest and prepare wild edible plants native to Florida and many parts of North America. Warning: never eat any wild plants without checking with a local expert first.

01 Why Learn About Wild Foods.avi 19.82 MB
02 ITEMIZING edible wild plants.avi 18.42 MB
03 Crepis Japonica False Hawksbeard.avi 11.77 MB
04 Wild Lettuce Sow Thistle Lactuca.avi 19.13 MB
05__Wild_mustard_greens.avi 16.12 MB
07__Pokeweed__Phytolacca_americana.avi 15.54 MB
08__Sassafras___Mulberry.avi 17.57 MB
09__Making_Hard_Cider.avi 19.69 MB
10__Rumex__Sorrel_.avi 18.79 MB
11__Thistle.avi 15.50 MB
12__Chickweed__Stellaria.avi 16.67 MB
13__Plantagos__Plantains.avi 14.60 MB
14__Henbit__Lamium_amplexicaule.avi 13.01 MB
15__Spiderwort__Tradescantia.avi 20.07 MB
16__Cactus__Opuntia.avi 14.96 MB
17__Amaranth.avi 19.64 MB
18__The_Daylily.avi 14.62 MB
19__Smilax.avi 17.85 MB
20__Lichen__Cladonia.avi 18.12 MB
21__Spurge_Nettle.avi 16.41 MB
22__Duck_Potatoes.avi 14.69 MB
23__Pennyworts.avi 18.70 MB
24__Wekiva_River.avi 19.06 MB
25__American_Lotus.avi 19.78 MB
26__Yucca_filamentosa.avi 17.92 MB
27__Chickasaw_Plum.avi 62.78 MB
28__Bananas.avi 50.84 MB
29__Elderberries.avi 61.83 MB
30__Yellow_Pond_Lily.avi 44.27 MB
31__Jelly_Palm.avi 64.16 MB
32__Wild_Grapes.avi 64.27 MB
33__Homemade_Vinegar.avi 40.87 MB
34__Maypop__Passion_Flower.avi 61.94 MB
35__The_False_Roselle.avi 54.31 MB
36__Spotted_Beebalm__Horsemint.avi 54.70 MB

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