Sunday, 20 April 2008

Ye olde Lonely Planet Booke

The problem with ebooks is that you have to stare at the screen to read them, I much prefer the the traditional paper format that i can read in the comfort of my bed, sleeping bag or sofa, i also love the smell of books, new and old, but the problem with paper books is they are rarely free and i like free stuff especially free knowledge so thats where ebooks have a use in my opinion, a paperless way to spread free useful knowledge (who would buy an E novel? 400 pages of discomfort - no thanks).
Anyway, found this free online book that can be viewed in different formats and hopefully is worth staring at the screen for (I had a look at the txt version but the DJVU and PDF versions are scanned from the original book). It's written in Olde English where the letter f was often used instead of the letter s (i wonder if if this is the case if i find the word suck), it's 392 pages of discomfort but looks very interesting.

VOYAGES and TRAVELS Throughout The OLD and NEW World (1708)
A general history of all voyages and travels throughout the old and new world, from the first ages to this present time, illustrating both the ancient and modern geography, containing an accurate description of each country, its natural history and product; the religion, customs, manners, trade, [etc.] of the inhabitants, and whatsoever is curious and remarkable in any kind. An account of all discoveries hitherto made in the most remote parts, and the great usefulness of such attempts, for improving both natural and experimental philosophy; with a catalogue of all authors that have ever describ'd any part of the world, an impartial judgment and criticism on their works for discerning between the reputable and fabulous relaters; and an extract of the lives of the most considerable travellers, made English from the Paris edition
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