Sunday, 20 April 2008


Foxfire 1-6 can be downloaded from this site
I'm downloading one now so i cant tell you if its worth downloading from here just yet.

Well i had a look, this comes with a prog that restricts me to x-amount of viewings forcing me to buy it from them if i want to keep reading it. I was hoping that because of the large file size, the book will have crisp images and neater txt but it's just poor scans of an old book.
I'm better off with the smaller sized torrent download

The only alternative is to buy the expensive originals that pop up on ebay which i would like but just not an option at the mo

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Tim Smith said...

These are common books at used book stores, etc., around the northeast US. There is some great information, but they were written as a high school project documenting rural culture. So, there is a lot of how-to, but not always enough.