Thursday, 13 September 2007


Just a few more, I've started on the big list which i will post here soon

Being Your Own Wilderness Doctor: The Outdoorsman's Emergency Manual E. Russel Kodet & Bradford Angier (0671785494)
Jack-Knife Cookery - James Austin Wilder (1929 ISBN:0936226951)
Your Own Resources - A practical book for the self-sufficiency people in Australia - Compiled by Michael Richardson ( 0868240060 / 0868240087)
Wilderness Cookery - Bradford Angier (1961)

Books Of Interest
A Last Wild Place - Mike Tomkies (0224022199)
Born On Snow Shoes - Evelyn Berglund Shore (1955ed
/ 0963651188)
Call Of The Wild - My escape to Alaska - Guy Grieve (0340898240)
Cottage Book, The - The undiscovered country diary on an Edwardian Statesman - Sir Edward Grey (0297607529)
Good Life, The - Dorian Amos - (1903070309)
Into The Wild - Jon Krakauer - (0385486804)
Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer - (0330353977)
Seeking Robinson Crusoe - Tim Severin (0333905555)
Voyageur - Across the Rocky Mountains in a Birchbark Canoe - Robert Twigger (978-0297829812)


Unknown said...

We have read the Born on Snowshoes book by Evelyn Shores. My 12 and 10 year olds loved it! Some passages were a bit saddening for them though. They will be keeping an eye on our northeastern Ohio winter temperatures to find out how cold 87 degrees below zero is and if they've really had frost bite or not. I wish I could find more books like this to keep their interest and yet be clean and down to earth!

Nomad Of Soul said...

Hi sturd thanks for your interesting comment (nearly 7 years later!!!).
Recently I decided to google Evelyn Shores, found out she died not long ago and her siblings seem disinterested in her past, I wish I researched earlier to track her down and ask her some questions.
I don't think I could endure long periods of minus degree cold, I would drive people mad with my whining and moaning about the cold.